Friday, November 27, 2015

Great things never come from staying in your comfort zone.

I feel like Jackie Gleason: And Here We Go!  (Again)

I joined the Potomac Fiber Arts Guild about a year ago at the encouragement of the talented Priscilla Stultz and have since found myself to have been juried into the Potomac Fiber Arts Gallery at the Torpedo Factory.  So many challenges!

Firstly, there will be no more short cuts.  I get tired and just want to finish what I'm doing so I can clean up my studio.  I know better: the devil is in the details. My association with the Gallery has made me much more detail-oriented. Hmmm.  I wonder exactly what it is that I just said about my new job.  LOL!

Next, there is the need for developing original work.  This is really not too big a problem since I do my own thing. Thanks to Cyndi Souder, I understand how to coax a visit from Musie.  Or not.  If Musie is busy elsewhere, I make blanks.

This blank became the background for "Winter Cabbages."

Sometimes the blanks are good enough to stand on their own.

And so "Prospects" was born.

And finally, there is self-exploitation that requires putting in far more than 40 hours a week.  No problem.  I'm working for myself now.

Heather Thomas says that for every 100 quilts a person makes, maybe 5 are quality. My thoughts: I've made hundreds of quilts in my life and am now working on my own 5%.  To that end, I'm attaching sleeves and labels to otherwise finished pieces.  They are nearly ready for adoption.

Purchased mola with borders, 27"x 24"

Greeting card with mini-quilt insert suitable for framing, 5" x 7"

Dream catcher, 12" x 12"

Come see them on December 5 at Artistic Artifacts in Alexandria, VA.

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